This issue of COMSOL News showcases how a number of leading scientific, engineering, and medical organizations from a broad range of industries are reaping the benefits of multiphysics simulation in their research and development processes. Download the digital version (PDF) at right to learn about COMSOL News outlined in the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

MULTIPHYSICS4 Numerical Simulation-Based Topology Optimization Leads to Better Cooling of Electronic Components in Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

8 Simulation-Based Design of New Implantable Hearing Device

12 Modeling Optimizes a Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Used in Car Tires

15 Optimizing Ultrasound Piezo-Disk Transducers

18 Better, Faster Sonar Development with Multiphysics Simulation

ELECTRICAL 21 Numerical Modeling of Electrostatic Precipitators

24 Current Transformer Design That Combines Finite Element Analysis and Electric Circuit Simulation

27 Modeling Scar Effects on Electrical Spinal Cord Simulation

32 Simulation of Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection

34 Surface Plasmon Resonance

HEAT TRANSFER35 Conjugate Heat Transfer

38 The Thermal Management of Li-ion Battery Packs

40 Cluster Simulation of Refrigeration Systems

42 Optimized Heating Process Uniform Coating

44 Simulation-Based Engineering Forster Innovation and Invention


48 Shape Changing Lubricants

50 Analysis of Subsea Umbilicals and Cables

52 Multiphysics Analysis of Pressurized CO2 Foil Thrust Bearing Characteristics

55 Pumping and Injection from a single Borehole

FLUID FLOW58 The Science of Water Screening

61 A Smooth Optical Surface n Minutes

CHEMICALS64 Modeling of Laminar Flow Static Mixers

67 Submarines: Corrosion Protection or Enemy Detection?

70 Multiphysics Simulations Enable Development of Fast, Cheap MEMS-Based Bacteria Detector


72 Mathematical Modeling: An Industrial Perspective