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Software Tech Briefs is a special supplement to NASA Tech Briefs. Download the digital version (PDF) at right to learn about new software programs outlined in the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

FEATURES4 Picking the Pattern for a Stealth Antenna

DESIGN & ANALYSIS SOFTWARE6 Simulation and Analysis Drive Transmission Development

8 Conjugate Thermal Analysis of a Generic LED Light Bulb

10 Analysis of Spiral Resonator Filters

11 Enigma Version 12

12 ISSM: Ice Sheet System Model

12 Planetary Protection Bioburden Analysis Program

13 Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris (MMOD) Shield Ballistic Limit Analysis Program

13 Wing Leading Edge RCC Rapid Response Damage Prediction Tool (IMPACT2)

14 Covariance Analysis Tool (G-CAT) for Computing Ascent, Descent, and Landing Errors

ELECTRONICS/COMPUTERS14 Phoenix Telemetry Processor

15 Contact Graph Routing Enhancements Developed in ION for DTN

15 Spitzer Telemetry Processing System

15 Advanced Strategic and Tactical Relay Request Management for the Mars Relay Operations Service


18 Automated Loads Analysis System (ATLAS)

18 GFEChutes Lo-Fi

19 Integrated Main Propulsion System Performance Reconstruction Process/Models

PHYSICAL SCIENCES19 Sally Ride EarthKAM — Automated Image Geo- Referencing Using Google Earth Web Plug-In

20 Ionospheric Specifications for SAR Interferometry (ISSI)

20 Acoustic Emission Analysis Applet (AEAA) Software

21 Software for Generating Troposphere Corrections for InSAR Using GPS and Weather Model Data

21 Implementation of a Wavefront-Sensing Algorithm

22 Advanced Multimission Operations System (ATMO)

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY22 Memory-Efficient Onboard Rock Segmentation

23 Kinect Engineering with Learning (KEWL)

24 Automating Hyperspectral Data for Rapid Response in Volcanic Emergencies

25 Spacecraft 3D Augmented Reality Mobile App

25 Trade Space Specification Tool (TSST) for Rapid Mission Architecture (Version 1.2)

26 Raster-Based Approach to Solar Pressure Modeling

27 Space Images for NASA JPL Android Version

28 SIM_EXPLORE: Software for Directed Exploration of Complex Systems

28 Scalable Integrated Multi-Mission Support System Simulator Release 3.0

29 Robot Sequencing and Visualization Program (RSVP)

29 MPST Software: grl_pef_check

30 Real-Time Multimission Event Notification System for Mars Relay

30 Jettison Engineering Trajectory Tool

31 PredGuid+A: Orion Entry Guidance Modified for Aerocapture

31 Mobile Timekeeping Application Built on Reverse-Engineered JPL Infrastructure

32 MPST Software: grl_suppdoc

32 Planning Coverage Campaigns for Mission Design and Analysis: CLASP for DESDynl

32 Space Place Prime