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Software Tech Briefs is a special supplement to NASA Tech Briefs. Download the digital version (PDF) at right to learn about 59 new software programs outlined in the table of contents below.

Table of Contents


4 Assessing the Friction Stir Welding Process With Mathematical Modeling

6 Solving Fluid-Structure-Acoustic Interactions With Multiphysics Modeling

6 Designing Rolling-Element Bearings

7 Interface for Physics Simulation Engines

7 Solving Equations of Multibody Dynamics

8 Analysis of Complex Valve and Feed Systems


8 Programs for Testing an SSME-Monitoring System

9 Displaying and Analyzing Antenna Radiation Patterns

9 Payload Operations Support Team Tools

10 Analyzing Radio-Frequency Coverage for the ISS

10 Soft Real-Time PID Control on a VME Computer

11 Space-Shuttle Emulator Software


11 Robust, Flexible Motion Control for the Mars Explorer Rovers

12 Improved Path Planning Onboard the Mars Exploration Rovers

12 Inertial Measurements for Aero-assisted Navigation (IMAN)

13 Solar Sail Spaceflight Simulation


13 Deep Space Network Antenna Logic Controller

14 Modeling Magnetic Properties in EZTB

14 Modeling Carbon and Hydrocarbon Molecular Structures in EZTB

14 BigView Image Viewing on Tiled Displays

14 Rapid Analysis of Mass Distribution of Radiation Shielding

15 Software Compensates Electronic-Nose Readings for Humidity

15 Imaging Sensor Flight and Test Equipment Software

15 Space Propulsion Design and Analysis

18 Processing AIRS Scientific Data Through Level 2


18 Analyzing Responses of Chemical Sensor Arrays

19 Triaxial Probe Magnetic Data Analysis

19 Parallelization of the Coupled Earthquake Model

20 Modeling of Radiative Transfer in Protostellar Disks

20 KML Super Overlay to WMS Translator

20 High-Performance Tiled WMS and KML Web Server


15 Simulating Responses of Gravitational-Wave Instrumentation

18 SOFTC: A Software Correlator for VLBI

18 Progress in Computational Simulation of Earthquakes

19 Program for Analyzing Flows in a Complex Network

19 Computing Spacecraft Solar-Cell Damage by Charged Particles

19 Automated Camera Calibration

20 Tracking the Martian CO2 Polar Ice Caps in Infrared Images

20 Program Predicts Performance of Optical Parametric Oscillators

20 Database of Properties of Meteors

21 SmaggIce Version 1.8

21 Processing TES Level-1B Data

21 Processing TES Level-2 Data


21 Displaying Properties of PDFs

21 Flyby Geometry Optimization Tool

22 WMAP C&DH Software

22 Automated Diagnosis and Control of Complex Systems

22 Modular Filter and Source-Management Upgrade


23 CASPER Version 2.0

23 ISPATOM: A Generic Real-Time Data Processing Tool Without Programming

24 Program Management Tool

24 Generating Scenarios When Data Are Missing

25 Automatic Command Sequence Generation

25 Mission Simulation Toolkit

26 Model Checker for Java Programs

26 Parallel-Processing Software for Correlating Stereo Images

26 Web-Based Environment for Maintaining Legacy Software

27 Mapped Landmark Algorithm for Precision Landing

27 Grid Task Execution

27 Knowledge Base Editor (SharpKBE)

28 Simulating Operations at a Spaceport

29 Web-Based Real-Time Emergency Monitoring

29 Parallel Computing With Satellite Orbit Analysis Program

30 Periodic, On-Demand, and User-Specified Information Reconciliation

30 Information Metacatalog for a Grid

30 Automated Sequence Generation Process and Software

31 Master Metadata Repository and Metadata-Management System

31 Real-Time Data Display

32 Collaborative Resource Allocation