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Software Tech Briefs is a special supplement to NASA Tech Briefs. Download the digital version (PDF) at right to learn about new software programs outlined in the table of contents below.

Table of Contents


4 Qualifying Software for Nuclear-Safety-Related Calculations

5 Acoustic Structure Interactions

6 Analysis of Transient Electric Dipole

7 Spacecraft Station-Keeping Trajectory and Mission Design Tools

7 Integrated Modeling of Spacecraft Touch-And-Go Sampling

8 Simulation of Attitude and Trajectory Dynamics and Control of Multiple Spacecraft

8 Port-O-Sim Object Simulation Application

8 Efficient Model-Based Diagnosis Engine


10 FPGA Boot Loader and Scrubber

10 DSN Simulator

11 Proton Upset Monte Carlo Simulation


11 Using Thermal Radiation in Detection of Negative Obstacles

12 Planning Flight Paths of Autonomous Aerobots

13 Tracking Debris Shed by a Space-Shuttle Launch Vehicle

13 Oxygen Generation System Laptop Bus Controller Flight Software

13 Estimating Thruster Impulses From IMU and Doppler Data

14 Cliffbot Maestro

14 Monitoring and Controlling an Underwater Robotic Arm

15 Digital Camera Control for Faster Inspection


15 Reaction Wheel Disturbance Model Extraction Software — RWDMES

18 Evolvable Neural Software System

18 Conical-Domain Model for Estimating GPS Ionospheric Delays

19 Complex Event Recognition Architecture

20 Interactive, Automated Management of Icing Data

20 Prediction of Launch Vehicle Ignition Overpressure and Liftoff Acoustics

21 LDPC-PPM Coding Scheme for Optical Communication


22 TurboTech Technical Evaluation Automated System

22 Geospatial Authentication

23 Perl Modules for Constructing Iterators

23 Robot Vision Library

23 Relay Sequence Generation Software

24 Tropical Cyclone Information System

24 Dynamic Hurricane Data Analysis Tool

24 Group Capability Model

25 XML Translator for Interface Descriptions

25 XVD Image Display Program

25 Mars Science Laboratory Workstation Test Set

26 GlastCam: A Telemetry-Driven Spacecraft Visualization Tool

26 Telemetry-Enhancing Scripts

26 Computing Bounds on Resource Levels for Flexible Plans

27 Mission Operations and Navigation Toolkit Environment

28 Extensible Infrastructure for Browsing and Searching Abstracted Spacecraft Data

28 Lossless Compression of Data Into Fixed-Length Packets

28 Video-Game-Like Engine for Depicting Spacecraft Trajectories

29 Analog Input Data Acquisition Software

29 MSLICE Science Activity Planner for the Mars Science Laboratory Mission

30 Alert Notification System Router

30 MAGIC: Model and Graphic Information Converter

30 Lossless Compression of Classification-Map Data

31 Policy-Based Management Natural Language Parser

32 Framework for ReSTful Web Services in OSGi

32 Data Management Applications for the Service Preparation Subsystem