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Software Tech Briefs is a special supplement to NASA Tech Briefs. Download the digital version (PDF) at right to learn about new software programs outlined in the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

DESIGN & ANALYSIS SOFTWARE4 Multiphysics Analysis of a Burning Candle

5 Capacitively Coupled Plasma Analysis

6 3D Direct Modeling Streamlines Micro-Cogeneration System Design and Analysis Processes

8 Microwaving Moondust with COMSOL

9 TEAMS Model Analyzer

10 Observing System Simulation Experiment (OSSE) for the HyspIRI Spectrometer Mission

10 Probabilistic Design and Analysis Framework

MECHANICS/MACHINERY11 Excavator Design Validation

11 Momentum Management Tool for Low-Thrust Missions

12 Mixed Real/Virtual Operator Interface for ATHLETE

12 Antenna Controller Replacement Software

ELECTRONICS/COMPUTERS13 Efficient Parallel Engineering Computing on Linux Workstations

13 FAILSAFE Health Management for Embedded Systems

PHYSICAL SCIENCES14 Water Detection Based on Sky Reflections

15 Nonlinear Combustion Instability Prediction

15 JMISR INteractive eXplorer

18 Characterization of Cloud Water-Content Distribution

18 Autonomous Planning and Replanning for Mine-Sweeping Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

18 In-Situ Pointing Correction and Rover Microlocalization

19 Dayside Ionospheric Superfountain

19 Hybrid-PIC Computer Simulation of the Plasma and Erosion Processes in Hall Thrusters

19 BioNet Digital Communications Framework

20 Operation Program for the Spatially Phase-Shifted Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometer — SPS-DSPI

INFORMATION SCIENCES20 Intelligent Patching of Conceptual Geometry for CFD Analysis

21 Autonomous Exploration for Gathering Increased Science

22 Space Images for NASA/JPL

23 Real-Time Feature Tracking Using Homography

23 Stereo Imaging Tactical Helper

24 XMbodyinfo

24 Sparse Superpixel Unmixing for Hyperspectral Image Analysis

25 NAIF Toolkit — Extended

26 Systems Maintenance Automated Repair Tasks (SMART)

26 Centralized Alert-Processing and Asset Planning for Sensorwebs

27 Support for Systematic Code Reviews With the SCRUB Tool

28 Planning and Execution for an Autonomous Aerobot

29 Real-Time Exponential Curve Fits Using Discrete Calculus

30 Optimal Codes for the Burst Erasure Channel

30 Short-Block Protograph-Based LDPC Codes

31 Situational Lightning Climatologies

32 GOATS — Orbitology Component