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Software Tech Briefs is a special supplement to NASA Tech Briefs. Download the digital version (PDF) at right to learn about new software programs outlined in the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

FEATURES4 Better, Faster Sonar Development With Multiphysics Simulation

8 NASA Awards 2010 Software of the Year

DESIGN & ANALYSIS SOFTWARE9 Analysis of Microwave Radiation

10 Analysis of Thermoelectric Phenomena

11 3D Direct Modeling: Removing Bottlenecks in Simulation

12 Wind Turbine Noise Reduction

13 GLobal Integrated Design Environment

13 The Planning Execution Monitoring Architecture

14 SSC Engineering Analysis

MECHANICS/MACHINERY14 Automated Cryocooler Monitor and Control System Software

14 Draper Station Analysis Tool

15 Common Bolted Joint Analysis Tool

15 Commercial Modular Aero-Propulsion System Simulation 40k

ELECTRONICS/COMPUTERS18 Jitter Controller Software

18 μShell Minimalist Shell for Xilinx Microprocessors

PHYSICAL SCIENCES19 Software Architecture to Support the Evolution of the ISRU RESOLVE Engineering Breadboard Unit 2 (EBU2)

20 InSAR Scientific Computing Environment

21 Coastal On-line Assessment and Synthesis Tool 2.0

21 Software Displays Data on Active Regions of the Sun

22 Generalized Software Architecture Applied to the Continuous Lunar Water Separation Process and the Lunar Greenhouse Amplifier

23 Monitoring Areal Snow Cover Using NASA Satellite Imagery

INFORMATION SCIENCES24 Graphical Language for Data Processing

24 Onboard Short Term Plan Viewer

24 Link Analysis in the Mission Planning Lab

25 Multidisciplinary Tool for Systems Analysis of Planetary Entry, Descent, and Landing

26 Conceptual Model of Quantities, Units, Dimensions, and Values

27 Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation, and Control Visualization Tool

27 CCSDS Advanced Orbiting Systems Virtual Channel Access Service for QoS MACHETE Model

28 Computer-Aided Parallelizer and Optimizer

28 Bundle Security Protocol for ION

29 MaROS: Information Management Service

29 Mission Operations Planning and Scheduling System (MOPSS)

30 Global Precipitation Mission Visualization Tool

30 Thermal Protection System Imagery Inspection Management System - TIIMS

31 Adaptation of G-TAG Software for Validating Touch- and-Go Comet Surface Sampling Design Methodology

32 Visual PEF Reader - VIPER

32 MatchGUI: A Graphical MATLAB-Based Tool for Automatic Image Co-Registration