According to results from independent laboratory testing, filters treated by PuraClean provided an improvement in filtration efficiency ranging from 200 percent when exposed to 3 micrometer particles, to more than 1,200 percent when exposed to 7 micrometer particles such as pollen, dust, and dirt. Test results also indicated that PuraClean caused no measurable difference in resistance to airflow. Mainstream says that, unlike other filter sprays, PuraClean can actually make filters more efficient because air conditioner evaporator coils stay cleaner and provide improved energy efficiency.

Available to service technicians from HVAC suppliers, Mainstream has sold between 7,000 and 8,000 bottles of the product since 2007, but expects those numbers to drastically grow in the near future. Currently, the product is being reviewed by the Asthma and Allergy Friendly Certification Program to become a certified residential allergy- and asthmareducing HVAC product. “Mainstream Engineering is working hard at making this NASA-developed technology available to every consumer,” says Scheckel.

Much like PuraClean, Scheckel says the development of the QwikShot acid flush product took place after research and development under a NASA SBIR. “We worked on exacting the formulation and wanted to make it as safe and easy to use as possible,” he says. “QwikShot improves the thermal stability of air conditioning and refrigeration systems and extends the life of the system by removing systemdestroying acids from the thermal circuit.”

Used for vaporizing acid and moisture when it occurs in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, QwikShot is injected into a system during operation. After it is introduced, the product vaporizes with refrigerant and travels throughout the system to chemically attach to acid and moisture molecules. It then flushes the molecules to the filter or drier. Unlike acid neutralizers that leave a saltbased residue from a chemical reaction, QwikShot leaves no residue in the system.

“Traditional techniques require the technician to open the system and neutralize compressor oil by opening up the compressor, or a line set near the compressor, and add the neutralizing product, says Scheckel. QwikShot is simply introduced into the compressor oil.

According to Mainstream, over 75,000 applications of QwikShot have been sold. “HVAC and refrigeration service technicians who fix residential and commercial air conditioning systems use QwikShot to treat systems with signs of acid prior to system failure, and it improves the thermal stability,” Scheckel says.

Due to the research and development opportunities provided through NASA’s SBIR program, Mainstream has significantly improved the normal operation of HVAC systems on Earth.

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