With another year of Tech Briefs almost in the books, it's time to look at our most-read news articles of 2017.

Top stories included a look back at the life of Robert Goddard, and a look forward to new possibilities for electric cars, cancer treatments, and renewable energy.

See this year's standouts below.

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10) This Year's 'Create the Future' Contest Winner: A Highlight in Carbon-Dioxide Conversion

A "HI-Light" chemical reactor took top honors in the 2017 "Create the Future" Design Contest.

9) From the Earth to the Moon: How Robert Goddard Launched Present-Day Spaceflight

In 1926, Dr. Robert Goddard set off the first liquid-fueled rocket. We review the not-so-typical day on the farm.

8) Awakening Graphene's Hidden Superconductivity

Since its discovery in 2004, scientists have believed that graphene contained an innate ability to superconduct. A University of Cambridge team set out to prove it.

7) Researchers Design Lightweight, 'Stronger-Than-Steel' Material

A new 3D material from MIT has five percent the density of steel and ten times the strength.

6) Handheld Laser Probe Detects Cancer in Real Time

An optical probe that detects cancerous brain cells in real time is impressive enough. Montreal scientists say they've developed one that is "infallible."

5) Long-Lasting Flow Battery Advances Renewable Energy Efforts

Losing only one percent of its capacity per 1000 cycles, a non-toxic, non-corrosive battery offers a promising solution for renewable energy.

4) 'Instantly Rechargeable' Battery Drives New Electric Car Possibilities

Our Most Popular News Story of 2017: Without a lens, Caltech researchers, led by Professor Ali Hajimiri, used an ultra-thin optical phased array (OPA) to manipulate incoming light and capture an image. In the above photo, the OPA chip is placed on a penny for scale. (Credit: Caltech/Hajimiri Lab)

A new battery system may someday allow drivers to recharge their cars as quickly and easily as filling up a gas tank.

3) 'Magic' Alloy Spurs Next Generation of Solar Cells

University of Michigan researchers have developed a semiconductor alloy that captures the near-infrared light located on the leading edge of the visible light spectrum.

2) Researchers Create Metallic Hydrogen

"This is the Holy Grail of high-pressure physics," said Harvard University's Isaac Silvera.

1) Ultra-Thin Camera Says Good-Bye to the Lens

A new proof-of-concept design retires one of the most familiar parts of a traditional camera.

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