The iHP Liquid is a fully sealed unit that can be used in an environment where fan-based air cooling is not desirable. (Image: Advanced Energy)

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., a provider of precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions announced a new high-power, liquid-cooled configurable power solution at The Battery Show today. The iHP Liquid is the latest addition to a wide range of intelligent, digitally configurable power solutions that provide flexible power in a wide range of industrial, lighting, horticulture, medical and semiconductor applications.

Capable of delivering up to 20 kW of power within a 4U rack form factor, the iHP Liquid is a fully sealed unit that can be used in an environment where fan-based air cooling is not desirable. It can be configured to either a single output or up to eight outputs upon request. A total of 10 output modules are available that can be programmed to operate in constant voltage or constant current modes. Each module is highly adjustable and flexibility is further enhanced with the ability to combine modules in series or parallel to increase voltage or current as necessary. As a result, the iHP can deliver currents as high as 1600 A or voltages up to 1000 V.

Offered with 3-phase, 4-wire (Wye or Delta) input, the iHP contains active power factor correction (PFC), ensuring a very low THD and power factor that exceeds 0.98 at full load. By combining six 4U iHPs operating in parallel, a completed rack system of iHPs can deliver a total of up to 120 kW of power at the high efficiencies of up to 94.8 percent (480 VAC input, 50 percent load).

“Managing operating temperatures is crucial to delivering reliable operation while also controlling running costs,” said Chris Jones, Director, Technical Marketing at Advanced Energy. “Built upon our well-established configurable technology, the new iHP Liquid delivers up to 20 kW of power in a compact 4U rack form factor within a fully sealed outer box, making it ideal for locations where airborne dirt or moisture may be present. The iHP series comes with a wide range of available output power modules, accessories, and software, enabling this solution to be quickly and easily tailored to almost any application.”

Control of both current and voltage can be achieved via a simple analog voltage (0-5 V or 0-10 V) or more sophisticated digital control is available with the optional PowerPro connect module. This versatile device provides a standard Ethernet interface via the Internet to a cloud- and dashboard-based user-configurable GUI. Available communication protocols include Digital Ethernet UDP, RS485, MODBUS, CAN, or Ethernet TCP-IP. The Battery Show Booth 1651.

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