A new ship makes it easier to find one’s sea legs, thanks to opposing waves created in specially designed tanks fitted in the hull. The ship will house personnel working on offshore installations, and is optimized to provide the best possible comfort when moored adjacent to a platform.

The integrated system designed to reduce rolling of the vessel has been developed by Hoppe Marine and tested by MARINTEK. The roll damping is achieved using tanks integrated into the bottom and sides of the hull – called U-tanks because of their shape. The tanks are filled with water which is set in motion in opposing phase to the wave forces acting on the hull.

In addition to the special hull design, the ship is equipped with six azimuth thrusters – propeller drives with directional control used to keep the ship in the same position when in hotel mode. The thrusters oppose the external forces from waves, currents and wind, and can also be used to provide forward propulsion. In hotel mode, the direction and speed of each thruster are determined by a control system receiving continuous input from GPS position measurements, among other things (DP – system).

The challenge has been met by incorporating features such as providing the vessel with a special hull shape, so that it looks almost the same at both bow and stern. Whatever direction the waves come from, the motions of the vessel must be as small as possible.