A grid of sensors embedded into an innovative building insulation activates specific façade components to optimize energy savings while improving aesthetics. This high-tech kind of retrofitting approach uses several types of modules that allow real-time monitoring. The multifunctional modular façade system is able to adapt to a variety of climatic conditions.

The concept is based on an energy management system that controls and monitors all the technological units of the façade, monitoring relevant factors such as Sun orientation for photovoltaic units and water feeding for organic green components. The units can be orientated towards both the Sun and the wind to use the energy in the best possible way. They have the ability to transform the solar energy into thermal energy. That energy can, in turn, be transferred to the building when it is cold, or kept away when it is hot.

The energy consumption control and management systems provide accurate measurements that could be used in hotels, hospitals, offices, or public buildings that have a single heating/cooling system, with a centralized temperature adjustment.