Experimental psychology tests of typical latencies are conducted on the “tactile interaction” augmented reality simulator. (©Fraunhofer IFF)
Tactile handles forklifts, industrial trucks, and motorized carts are being developed that employ pressure sensors to detect the direction in which a user is pushing or pulling the cart. Workers can get a cart moving in the right direction with very little effort using the pressure sensors. Since the handles are equipped with sensors for both hands, a cart does more than just detect whether it is being pushed or pulled.

Commands given to order picking carts by workers by hand pressure are transmitted to motors like those used for electric bikes. The motor is able to execute the commands in a few milliseconds. The researchers have attained a latency of 10 milliseconds, i.e. the signal needs only 10 milliseconds to travel from the tactile handle to the cloud and back to the motor control unit.

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