New web-exclusive stories this month highlight soft robots, bio-printing successes, and opportunities to answer readers' questions.

We all have questions.

Who won the Super Bowl last year? How do I remove an ink stain from wood? Is there a way to get wrinkles out of a shirt without actually ironing it?

That’s why we have Google and Siri and, long ago, Jeeves. (There’s another question: Where’s Jeeves?!)

To see the deeper, more technology-focused questions that design engineers have, however, you can watch our many Webinars hosted on The most valuable part of each live presentation might be in the Q&A section: real questions from real readers.

Here's one recent example. An attendee of a cybersecurity-focused Webinar asked, "How can organizations that use cloud services maintain security of customer data?"

Todd Carpenter, Chief Engineer at the Minneapolis, MN-based Adventium Labs, provided a helpful answer: "Treat your cloud provider like any other part of your supply chain — and that pretty much means with suspicion," he said.

Carpenter also mentioned data encryption best practices and the importance of reading your service-level agreement when moving to the cloud. Read his full, in-depth response.

With a question as broad as cloud security — the kind of subject that cannot be fully answered in a few minutes at the end of a Webinar — I wanted to also pose the subject to our Tech Briefs readers, a community of technology experts with knowledge to share.

What are some cloud security best practices? Share your own thoughts here and submit comments at the bottom of the article.

Each week, as part of a new "Sound-Off" series, I want to submit real reader questions to our Tech Briefs audience.

Here are two submissions from site visitors:

"In the next 5 years, which areas of the vehicle will see a conversion from metal to plastic?"

"Do you think that intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems can be used to monitor the security of a vehicle?"

Do you have the answers? Let's make Tech Briefs a place where we can work together to answer our biggest technology questions.

Have a question of your own? Send it to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our Latest Web-Exclusive Stories:

A Northwestern University team created bioprosthetic ovaries that ultimately led to the restoration of hormone production and fertility in mice. The achievement resulted in the live birth of healthy pups. We interviewed researcher Ramille Shah about the scientists’ successes — and the future of bioprinting.

Researchers at MIT have developed a technology to help the blind detect potential obstacles in indoor environments. Tech Briefs spoke with one of the users of the wearable system.

The University of California San Diego has built a soft robot that lifts its legs over obstacles and operates on a variety of terrains.

Using only solar energy, the “Desolenator” provides clean water from any source. Desolenator, its inventor says, is both a company and a call to action.