MIT researchers have invented a way to integrate “breadboards” — flat platforms widely used for electronics prototyping — directly onto physical products.

The aim of the MIT-developed “Curveboard” is to provide a faster, easier way to test circuit functions and user interactions with products such as smart devices and flexible electronics.

“On breadboards, you prototype the function of a circuit. But you don’t have context of its form — how the electronics will be used in a real-world prototype environment,” said MIT graduate student and lead researcher Junyi Zhu. “Our idea is to fill this gap, and merge form and function testing in [a] very early stage of prototyping an object.”

The “CurveBoard” can be designed by custom software, 3D printed, and directly integrated into the surface of physical objects, such as smart watches, bracelets, helmets, headphones, and even flexible electronics. Watch the demo.

What do you think? Would You Use a CurveBoard?


What do you think?