Our October Q&A in Tech Briefs highlighted an achievement from Professor Aaron Sadow of Ames Laboratory in Iowa. Sadow’s chemical process produces valuable biodegradable chemicals from discarded plastics, which are then used as surfactants and detergents in a range of applications.

“We've figured out how to break selected bonds holding those chains together so that the carbons are no longer extremely long chains of thousands of carbon atoms linked together in a long sequence, but instead 20 to 40 carbons linked together,” Prof. Sadow told Tech Briefs this month.

The remaining atoms can then be used in lubricants and motor oil, says the lead researcher.

Today’s INSIDER showcased another recycling technology: compostable plastic.

The growth of disposable plastic products has overwhelmed the world’s ability to deal with and dispose of them.

What do you think? Will Technology Help to Reduce Plastic Pollution?

What do you think?