Battery Charger IC

The BD71631QWZ battery charger IC

ROHM Semiconductor (Santa Clara, CA) introduced the BD71631QWZ battery charger IC for low-voltage charging of wearables and thin, compact IoT devices powered by rechargeable batteries. It charges lithium-ion and other types of rechargeable batteries such as all-solid and semi-solid-state. It achieves low-voltage charging over a range from 2.0 V to 4.7 V by improving the stability of the internal circuit. Charge voltage can be set by changing the external resistor. Each charging characteristic can be set for CC/CV charging.

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Battery Backup Units

The Guardian lithium-ion battery backup units for rackmount installations

Green Cubes Technology (Kokomo, IN) announced Guardian lithium-ion battery backup units for rackmount installations such as telecom and data centers. The family consists of three sizes ranging from 2-RU to 4-RU heights that fit in 19” or 23” cabinets and support capacity ranges from 105 Ahr to 175 Ahr. The batteries provide a nominal 48 V output and charge and discharge up to 100 Amps. Each battery also contains an integrated Battery Management System (BMS), charging electronics, and proprietary Energy Balancing Technology (EBT) that enables active current control, load sharing, and State of Charge balancing across connected units. They feature either lithium nickel manganese cobalt or lithium iron phosphate chemistries.

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Battery Management System

The i-BMS battery management system

The i-BMS battery management system from Sensata Technologies (Swindon, UK) is designed for electrified applications up to 60 V. It is cell-chemistry-agnostic and features hot swap functionality to quickly exchange depleted batteries with fully charged batteries. Parallel pack support allows the use of two or more battery packs in parallel. The PCB board includes integrated pre-charge circuit, onboard current measurement, MOSFET power switches for battery disconnect, and a DC/DC power supply.

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Power Supplies

RHINO SELECT open frame and panel mount power supplies

AutomationDirect (Cumming, GA) offers RHINO SELECT open frame and panel mount power supplies with integrated UPS functionality that provides seamless battery switchover to keep critical operations running when there is an unexpected loss of power. The industrial power supplies provide TTL status outputs for external monitoring systems and are UL 60950-1 and UL 62368-1 recognized, CE marked, and RoHS compliant. The PSB24-240-1 DIN Rail mount power supply incorporates Power Boost Technology, a short-term power used to support high inrush current.

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Battery Contact

The 230-1 universal offboard battery contact

The 230-1 universal offboard battery contact from Keystone Electronics (New Hyde Park, NY) is designed for AAA, AAAA, N, and 12-V battery cells. The symmetrical design allows the contact to function both as a positive and negative contact, eliminating the need to specify two different parts. This contact is manufactured from .008” (0.20 mm) thick spring steel and is nickel-plated for corrosion protection, flexible contact, and low contact resistance. It is designed to free up board space by permitting offboard edge mounting that affords reliable connection and easy access to install and replace batteries.

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9501-F adhesive supports assembly of EV batteries.

Dymax (Torrington, CT) introduced 9501-F adhesive for electric vehicle battery assembly. The low-shrinkage product bonds securely to common substrates such as PC, PC/ABS, nickel plated steel, and aluminum and is designed for fixturing cylindrical battery cells to plastic bases and holders. It cures tack-free in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light energy and is also LED curable at 385-nm wavelength. The solvent-free, one-component acrylated urethane has viscosity of 10,000 cP and fluoresces bright blue in color.

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