Zilog® (Milpitas, CA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation, has introduced ZGATE™, a pioneering joint technology solution utilizing Icon Labs’ (Des Moine, IA) Floodgate™ Packet Filter, a complete embedded firewall providing a critical layer of security for networked devices. ZGATE provides Zilog’s eZ80Acclaim™ products, already well suited for today’s wired and wireless applications needing Inte rnet connectivity, with a security layer adding significantly deeper protection against ‘cyber threats and attacks.’ With many more applications, devices, products, and processes demanding increased security, Zilog’s eZ80Acclaim™, embedded with Icon Labs’ Floodgate™ technology, will help reduce the incidence of security breaches for many types of products in defense, telecommunication, utility, transportation, medical, and industrial applications.

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