Agilent VEE v9.0

Agilent Technologies Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) has introduced version 9.0 of the Agilent VEE graphical programming software for test and measurement. Enhancements improve execution time, reduce programming effort, simplify program debugging, and provide direct support of LXI devices and databases. Faster performance comes from new multithreading and multicore programming capabilities. Multithreading, which is the creation of multiple execution threads, decreases runtime, enhances response time and accelerates input/output (I/O) throughput. In a multicore PC, version 9.0 of Agilent VEE allocates individual execution threads to different CPU cores, further increasing program performance.

Programming is simplified by capabilities such as auto-completion of SCPI commands, which eliminates the need to memorize command syntax. Debugging is improved with conditional breakpoints and a breakpoints window that lets the user explore and control all program breakpoints. Version 9.0 provides direct access to industry standard LXI instruments through their built-in Web interface, and includes connectivity to databases such as Microsoft® Access, SQL Server, Oracle®, and MySQL.

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