Sarcon® GR-H and XR-H thermal interface materials

Fujipoly (Carteret, NJ) has announced the availability of a specially formulated thermal interface gap pad that simplifies board-level maintenance by dramatically reducing material tearing during disassembly for rework and repair. The company’s Sarcon® GR-H and XR-H thermal interface materials are manufactured with a unique hardened top surface. This one-sided surface treatment is less tacky than the opposing contact side allowing the thermal pad to consistently adhere to either the electrical component or opposing heat sink. The hard surface quickly and easily releases from its component without tearing or damage. Fujipoly GR-H and XR-H gap filler materials are available in eight different formulations and offer thermal conductivity from 1.2 to 17.0 W/m°K. Sarcon® Hardened Surface interface materials easily conform to uneven components to make complete, reliable thermal transfer contact. These gap fillers are available in sheets with thicknesses from .5mm to 5.0mm up to a maximum 200 mm × 300 mm dimension.

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Embedded Technology Magazine

This article first appeared in the July, 2009 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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