HI-TECH C PRO utilizes omniscient code generation™ (OCG) technology

HI-TECH Software (Queensland, Australia) has launched an “omniscient” ANSI C compiler that increases DMIPS/MHz and cuts the power drain of Silicon Labs’ 8051-based mixed-signal MCU families, including the ultra low-power, single-cell C8051F9XX devices. HITECH C® PRO for the Silicon Labs 8051 MCU Family reduces interrupt latency, code size, and SRAM usage by optimizing context size and register coverage across all modules of a C-language program. The result is fewer instruction cycles required to execute the program, which reduces power consumption.

HI-TECH C PRO utilizes omniscient code generation™ (OCG) technology that collects comprehensive data on every register, stack, pointer, object, and variable declaration across the entire program. It uses this information to optimize register usage, stack allocations, and pointers across the whole program. It also ensures consistent variable and object declarations between modules and deletes unused variables and functions. HI-TECH’s C PRO compiler is integrated into Silicon Labs IDE, as well as most third party development tools. HITECH C PRO runs on multiple platforms including Windows (2000, XP, Vista 32/64), Linux, and Mac OS X. Library code and runtime modules are included.

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