ZL30142 Synchronous Ethernet device

Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. (Ottawa, Canada) has announced the ZL™30143 and ZL30142 Synchronous Ethernet devices that integrate analog and digital phase locked loops (APLL/DPLL) for central timing card applications in carrier-grade networking equipment. The Synchronous Ethernet solutions ensure accurate end-to-end transmission of voice, video, data, and mobile applications and services over IP-based wired and wireless networks. The standards-compliant solutions support very low jitter clocks for 1 GbE and 10 GbE systems, allowing manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively upgrade line cards to fully support Synchronous Ethernet.

The ZL30143 timing card device provides two independent DPLLs for applications that require independent transmit and receive timing paths, while the ZL30142 device uses a single DPLL for clock and/or frame pulse synchronization. The devices require only an inexpensive temperature controlled crystal oscillator (TCXO) to achieve full compliance with ITUT Recommendation G.8262.

The expanded Synchronous Ethernet portfolio also includes two new devices for line card applications. The ZL30146 chip incorporates two independently configurable DPLLs for PDH/SONET/SDH and Ethernet network interface cards requiring both transmit and receive paths. The ZL30145 provides one DPLL for clock synchronization, and delivers rate conversion and jitter attenuation compliant performance for Synchronous Ethernet, SDH and SONET equipment. The devices require only off-the-shelf, low-cost 20 MHz oscillators or a crystal.

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