STMicroelectronics, Inc. (Lexington, MA) has released the STi5107, a new MPEG decoder for standard definition TV. It is designed to address the require- ments of the mainstream STB market, where it provides a unified, single-device platform for set-top boxes ranging from basic low-cost products up to MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) applications, for satellite, cable, and terrestrial servic- es and plug-in TV modules.

The decoder supports the advanced security features required by all major condi- tional access (CA) suppliers. The 200MHz clock speed of the embedded ST20 32-bit RISC CPU core provides increased power for advanced applications and is fully compati- ble with all mainstream set-top box middleware.

Overall performance is increased by an integrated 2D graphics engine, which relieves the CPU of on-screen display (OSD) overhead and provides an enhanced experience for the TV viewer. This graphics sub-system is supported by an advanced "blitter" -based display, which implements bit-mapped graphics in hardware. Additional features provide the opportunity to extend the use of the chip to both alternative and more advanced platforms. Features include DVB (digital video broad- casting) descramblers, a low cost DVB-CI (common interface) to link it to a remov- able security module, and support for a single tuner DVR (digital video recorder) for high-quality time shifting.

The STi5107 integrates a transport de-multiplex block, the ST20 32-bit CPU, an audio/video MPEG-2 decoder, a digital video encoder, advanced security features, and the enhanced display and graphics features.

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This article first appeared in the March, 2007 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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