Release v8.3 of ObjectAda Real-Time RAVEN environment for PowerPC targets from Aonix® (San Diego, CA) provides RAVEN developers with a choice between the traditional Aonix IDE for development and the AonixADT™ Eclipse IDE. AonixADT incorporates Ada-project awareness, an Ada-language sensitive editor, Ada-language compile and build capabilities, and a complete Ada debugger interface. The new release also features a large set of optimizations, fixes, and improvements into the PowerPC RAVEN technology.

Embedded Technology Magazine

This article first appeared in the March, 2007 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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ObjectAda Real-Time RAVEN implements a small, fast Ada "bare-target" runtime system that is suitable for hard real-time and safety-critical applications. It also provides a feature-rich toolset most critical system developers need to help them build a verifiable and/or certifiable, deterministic real-time application. The design and implementation of RAVEN is focused on deterministic behavior, which is a key requirement for safety-critical systems.
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