ACT/Technico (Warminster, PA) offers the PMC Shuttle- Stor, a removable PMC storage solution that enables the removal of vital data for safe-keeping without requiring removal of the host board. The PMC ShuttleStor is a two-part mezzanine consisting of a shuttle and a receiving canister.

The canister mounts to the host board for insertion and removal of the storage shuttle through the host front panel. It is compatible with rotating and solid-state ATA drives in standard form factors of 1.8" (7 mm) and 2.5" (9.5 mm). It can be used for operating system upgrades and vehicle or system declassification applications. The device complies with the standard IEEE 1386.1 PMC mezzanine form factor and features on-board parallel-to-serial ATA conversion, and on-board hot plug power conditioning. SATA control logic supports the hot swap capability. Also offered are device driver support, in addition to activity and hot swap indicators on the front panel.

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