VIA Technologies (Taipei, Taiwan) has introduced the VIA CX700 digital media IGP chipset for VIA C7® and Eden® processor platforms.

The ×86 embedded chipset integrates features of a chipset’s North and South bridges — including video graphics, HD audio, and DDR2 and SATA II support — in one package the size of a North bridge (37.5 × 37.5 mm). It is based on a power architecture that features a power envelope of 3.5 watts. Video quality is provided through the VIA UniChrome™ Pro IGP core with 128-bit 2D/3D graphics, hardware MPEG-2 video decoding acceleration, and video rendering technology from the Chromotion™ CE video display engine. The VIA CX700 supports DDR400 and high-bandwidth DDR2533 memory up to 4GB with ECC capability, and 32-bit and 64-bit system memory. The chip supports SATA, SATA II, and PATA drives; two COM ports; six USB2.0 ports; and four PCI slots. Support for ISA can be integrated through an ITE PCI bridge chip, combining ISA connectivity with high-bandwidth DRR2 memory support. The chip integrates a multi-configuration LVDS/DVI transmitter, standard TV-out, and DuoView for dual screen viewing.

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