Atmel® Corp. (San Jose, CA) has introduced the SAM9 family of ARM9-based Flash microcontrollers (MCUs) for real-time embedded applications.

Based on the industry- standard ARM926EJ-S processor core, the controllers share commonintegration levels, peripheral sets, and programming models with the SAM7 MCUs. Tuned for real-time applications, the MCUs include a real-time clock, 8-level 32-source priority interrupt controller, DMA, watchdog timer, power-on-reset, brown-out-detect, on-chip RC-oscillator, and single-cycle instruction fetch from on-chip memory. The SAM9 controllers offer a direct upward migration path from ARM7 devices without sacrificing system integration. The MCUs feature Flash memory integrated on the same chip, and common peripheral sets that simplify migrating applications between the ARM7 and ARM9 families. Both families have peripheral DMA controllers (PDCs) that off-load data transfers between peripherals and memory, from the CPU, freeing up processor MIPS for data processing or embedded control functions.

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