Arcom (Kansas City, KS) has introduced the 400 MHz VIPER and 200 MHz VIPER-Lite entry-level embedded Linux Development Kits to support the PXA255 XScalebased single-board computers (SBCs). The units are smallfootprint SBCs powered by the PXA255 ARM-compatible RISC processor.

ImageThe kits provide an off-theshelf, productionready hardware platform. The entrylevel VIPER/VIPERLite Development Kits for embedded Linux features an implementation of the GNU/Linux operating system based on the standard 2.6 Linux kernel release. This is for the PXA255 platforms and is pre-loaded and configured into the embedded Flash, offering an embedded version of Linux with a Journaling Flash File system. The kits are available with two board options.

The fully populated 400 MHz VIPER PC/104 single-board computer fitted with 64 Mbytes of DRAM, 32 Mbytes of Intel P30 StrataFlash, five serial ports, USB host controller, audio codec, and PC/104 expansion. The 200 MHz VIPER-Lite is fitted with 64 Mbytes of DRAM, 16 Mbytes of Intel P30 StrataFlash, and three serial ports. The kits include the VIPER-I/O interface board (offering a selection of opto-isolated I/O ports) and a converter module to drive a regular analog VGA display. Also included are cables, connectors, power supply, software, and an informational CD. The kit is supplied with the Fedora Core 5 DVD for installation onto the host system. For Free Info Click Here