BittWare (Concord, NH) has released the Tetra-PMC+ analog- to-digital (A/D) I/O card that features four wideband A/Ds running at up to 105 MHz, and an Altera Cyclone™ II FPGA providing A/D control, data distribution, and front-end processing capabilities.

The high-speed analog input board provides data capture for four 14-bit A/D channels, streaming the data directly to the reconfigurable FPGA, which controls the A/Ds and handles the distribution of converted data while also providing configurable pre-processing of the data. This enables digital filtering, decimation, and digital down conversion. The data can be transferred to the base board over the PMC interface by the Cyclone II. When attached to a BittWare hybrid signal processing board, it supports PMC+ extensions, including the four link ports directly connected to the Cyclone II FPGA. The board clocking can be either from the external clock or the on-board oscillator, and is user-configurable. Software development tools are available for developing application code and integrating the Tetra-PMC+ into a system.

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