The Momentum Series CX6-200 single-board computers from Mercury Computer Systems (Chelmsford, MA) uses two dual-core Intel® Xeon® processors ULV on a 6U single-slot module.

Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) enables any processor to work on any task, and SMP systems can move tasks between processors to balance the workload. On each board, the two dual-core processors are connected in SMP configuration, so that each of the four processor cores has access to 8 GB of shared memory. The computers are available in single- or dualprocessor configurations and support up to four-way SMP. PCI Express® technology minimizes internal data flow bottlenecks and maximizes the external I/O throughput for onboard interconnects. I/O interfaces include quad Gigabit Ethernet, RS-232 serial I/O, high-speed serial ATA-150, USB 2.0, and SVGA interfaces, with most available at the front panel for easy connectivity. The computer also features a single-wide PMC/SMC expansion site that supports both front and rear I/O.

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