Lantronix (Irvine, CA) offers the WiBox® wireless Device Server™ that enables users to remotely manage and control machines over a network or the Internet.

It delivers support for IEEE 802.11 standards and adds wired Ethernet connectivity for configuration flexibility when in the field. The system provides 802.11 b/g wireless capabilities for higher bandwidth and data throughput, and provides a bridging capability that allows an Ethernet device to be connected to an 802.11 wireless network. This provides connectivity options when dealing with a mixed (Ethernet or serial) device environment in a single solution. The server is industrial-grade, with a wide temperature range, and is ruggedized, making wireless communications possible in harsh environments. It is fully RoHS compliant and backwards compatible with the 802.11 b wireless standard. It includes an embedded Web server that allows connected devices to be remotely monitored, managed, and controlled via the Internet, providing users with immediate device access anywhere in the world.

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