Themis Computer (Fremont, CA) has introduced the TPPC64 multi-processor VME64x computer using IBM's 970FX Superscalar RISC processor. It can be configured with one or two 1.8-GHz PowerPC 970FX processors. The 970FX features VPX SIMD Vector Processing Units, bringing enterprise server-class processing power to bandwidth-intensive VME64x applications.

Equipped with multiple Gigabit Ethernet, USB, and Ultra320 SCSI interfaces, the computer features I/O expansion via an on-board 64- bit/133-MHz PMC slot, and I/O expansion card options that support additional 64-bit/66-MHz slots. The computer operates with 75 Watts total power, has up to 4 GB of DDR400 SDRAM memory, includes 8 MB of flash memory, and provides PIBS™ configuration/control/diagnostics firmware. A service processor microcontroller controls power-up sequencing, initializes devices, and monitors voltage, temperature, and CPU health. It features diagnostic LEDs. The computer has operating temperature range from -5 to 40°C, shock-rated to 30G.

PowerPC 970FX processor features Elastic Interface Technology utilized by two unidirectional, high-speed, 450-MHz, DDR 32- latency, point-to-point links. This achieves effective maximum data transfer rate of second in each direction. Cache coherency processor systems is maintained by coherent Interfaces to the IBM 925 Northbridge, enabling two-socket SMP operation.

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This article first appeared in the December, 2006 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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