TEK Microsystems (Chelmsford, MA) has announced the PowerRACE® 3A carrier card combining highdensity FPGAs, an onboard switched fabric, PowerPCs, and PMC interfaces. High-speed I/O and image processing are performed in one slot. The PowerRACE-3A uses two 800-MHz 440GX PowerPC processors to support throughput without incurring host processor overhead. Currently supporting the RACE++ interconnect fabric, future implementations will be fabric-agnostic. An onboard fabric allows each PMC site to transfer data concurrently to off-board RACE++ ports, FPGA processing, or memory, eliminating fabric contention and maximizing system performance. The card can be configured with one of the more than 30 available TEK PMC modules.

Included with the PowerRACE-3A is the tekX software environment, providing tools for fabric configuration, buffer management, data transfer, interprocessor communications, data storage/playback, and integration of streaming FPGA and I/O modules. tekX reduces system development cycles by using a common API to shield the developer from the complexities of the fabrics and the hardware. The tekX environment supports all current PowerRACE models.

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This article first appeared in the December, 2006 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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