Fairchild Semiconductor (South Portland, ME) offers the FPF100x family of IntelliMAX™ load switches featuring WL-CSP or MLP packaging, integration (slewrate control, ESD protection, and load-discharge capability), and lowvoltage operation of 1.2V. The FPF1003, FPF1005, and FPF1006 are designed to enhance thermal and electrical performance in portable applications such as cell phones, cameras, PDAs, peripheral ports, and hot-swap supplies.

The FPF1003 comes in an ultrasmall- footprint (1 × 1.5 mm) waferlevel chip-scale package that reduces RDS for a lower voltage drop (30mOhms @ 5V), and high current capability of 2A. The FPF1005 and FPF1006 are available in an industry-standard 2 × 2-mm molded leadless package. The FPF1006 offers a load-discharge option to discharge parasitic capacitance.

The switches integrate slew-rate control to minimize inrush current at turn on to ensure reliable operation. They also feature builtin ESD capability and drive circuitry that minimize the need for extra components. Utilizing Fairchild's CMOS MOSFET process, the FPF100x devices are rated at a 1.2V voltage rating.

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This article first appeared in the December, 2006 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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