The PRV-1059 VLAN-enabled 5-port PC/104 Ethernet switch from Parvus Corp. (Salt Lake City, UT) is designed and tested to MIL-STD-810F, and features low power consumption of 1.5 watts and extended-temperature operation to 85°C.

The board enables up to five embedded computing devices to be networked together using 10BasT or 100BaseTX local area network (LAN) connections.

The board supports field-programmable, port-based VLAN functionality, enabling any combination of ports to be connected together in subnets for use in a small secure or non-secure network. Its five transceiver ports are designed so that any port can serve as an uplink. The module can be used as a standalone network switch or in combination with embedded systems that support a PC/104 ISA bus. The board integrates independent media access controllers, an embedded frame buffer memory, and a high-speed address look-up engine, as well as support for auto-crossover, autopolarity, auto-negotiation, and bridge-loop prevention.

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