ERNI Electronics (Midlothian, VA) offers a portfolio of connectors from its unshrouded header system series (STL family). The singleor double-row versions are available in many different connection lengths and termination types including press-fit, dip-solder, THR, as well as right-angle versions. These male multipoint connectors are based on 0.025" × 0.025" pin standard and can be combined with a variety of compliant products. Suited for use in mezzanine circuit boards that require unshrouded headers with a 0.100"(2.54-mm) pitch and stamped press-fit zones on both sides, the connectors eliminate the need for a cable connection or an indirect connector link.

In addition to the electric function, this connection can also simultaneously handle mechanical strain when an appropriate number of contacts are employed. The connection is permanent, robust, vibration-resistant, and insensitive to dirt and grime. Different pin lengths make it possible to achieve the required distances between PCBs, and additional insulating bodies stabilize the pin headers when greater distances are required. Single-row unshrouded headers are available with pin counts of 50 (1 × 50) or as press-fit versions with up to 36 pins (1 × 36). Double-row unshrouded headers are available with up to 100 pins (2 × 50) or as press-fit versions with up to 72 pins (2 × 36).

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This article first appeared in the July, 2007 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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