Mosaic Industries (Newark, CA) has released the PDQ Board™, a compact I/O-rich single board computer. The PDQ Board™ includes 1 megabyte of memory, a Motorola 68HCS12 processor, dozens of analog and digital I/O lines, and versatile serial communications links onto a 2.5" × 4" board. It delivers 8 digital I/O lines with counter/timer capabilities, 8 pulsewidth modulated (PWM) digital output signals, and 8 general purpose digital I/O lines. Additional I/O includes 16 analog inputs with 10-bit resolution, dual RS232/485 ports with speeds up to 256 KBaud, and synchronous SPI and IIC serial interfaces.

The digital I/O ports can be configured for general purpose I/O, and the analog input lines can be configured as digital inputs. An optional battery-backed real-time clock reports the time and date. The board can also directly host up to 8 I/O mezzanine modules called Wildcards, that users can customize depending on their applications. The Wildcards stack onto the board's dual 24 pin Wildcard connectors and implement a wide variety of user interface, communications, data acquisition, and control capabilities. Available Wildcards include Ethernet, GPS, octal 12-bit D/A and 16-bit A/D converters, a 24-bit resolution analog data acquisition subsystem, CompactFlash card mass memory interface, USB, fast buffered RS232/485 dual UART, high voltage/ high current isolated I/O, and AC or DC solid state relays.

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This article first appeared in the July, 2007 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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