LitePoint (Sunnyvale. CA) has released the IQfact manufacturing test software for WiMAX products based on Wavesat chipsets. This turnkey software package runs on IQmax-500 R&D and IQmax-100 WiMAX manufacturing one-box test solutions.

The IQfact for Wavesat software integrates into the existing LitePoint IQmax API, allowing simple turnkey testing of Wavesat-based products for both R&D and manufacturing applications. The first IQfact release for Wavesat is optimized for products based on the Wavesat Evolutive™ DM256 fixed WiMAX chipset and will be extended to support other Wavesat fixed and moble chipsets. The ready-to-go software includes a flexible operator interface, a test suite of manufacturer recommended tests and test limits, and calibration and verification procedures needed for the manufacturing of WiMAX products. For

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This article first appeared in the July, 2007 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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