VersaLogic Corp. (Eugene, OR) offers the Sidewinder, a single board computer (SBC) designed to complement their existing EBX product line. The Sidewinder is a reliable fanless design featuring a robust array of onboard I/O functions including 8-channel 12- bit analog input, and 32- channel digital I/O. The RoHS-compliant Sidewinder includes VersaLogic’s proprietary SPX™ expansion interface that allows users to easily add a wide range of low-cost I/O options to the platform.

The Sidewinder’s VIA Eden™ 1.2 GHz CPU uses standard x86 architecture and a CX700M Chipset to support familiar operating systems and software applications. Standard features include up to 1 GB of DDR2 RAM, CompactFlash® socket, four COM ports, six USB 2.0 ports, and dual Ethernet ports. The Sidewinder also includes an integrated 18/24-bit LVDS flatpanel interface and supports CMOS-selectable TFT panel types. System expansion is supported by the PC/104-Plus interface for ISA and PCI add-on modules.

The Sidewinder can also be used as a CPU module for a larger system by plugging it into a proprietary baseboard that includes custom user I/O functions. It features a General Software BIOS with OEM enhancements. The BIOS is customizable and field-upgradeable and is designed to work with a variety of embedded operating systems including Windows® CE/XP/XPe, Linux, VxWorks®, QNX®, DOS, and others.

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This article first appeared in the January, 2008 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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