ASSET InterTech (Richardson, TX) has expanded its ScanWorks® system by adding signal integrity analysis applications that support Intel's next-generation embedded instrumentation technology, Intel® IBIST (Interconnect Built In Self Test). ASSET's ScanWorks environment with support for IBIST consists of software applications for validating and analyzing signal integrity on buses through margining and BERT techniques. ScanWorks interfaces to embedded instruments to validate boardlevel and system-level designs that feature high-speed buses such as PCI Express and Intel's QuickPath interconnect. The system features a suite of fault diagnostic tools.

IBIST technology is a design validation and test architecture embedded into many of Intel's processors to enable chip-to-chip interconnect testing and design validation of high speed buses on a printed circuit board. IBIST leverages the boundary-scan IEEE 1149.1 specification as the hardware and software communication methodology for accessing and controlling its embedded on-chip capabilities. ASSET's boundary scan systems, ScanWorks and DFT AnalyzerT, have advanced usability and automation features.

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