ALT Software, DiSTI, Green Hills Software, and RTI (Santa Clara, CA) have combined to introduce a robust solution for mission-critical data distribution and display. The real-time integrated avionics network is for remotely piloted vehicles as well as other defense and aerospace applications.

Using DiSTI GL Studio, engineers designed and prototyped a fully functional, integrated safety-critical avionics display that includes an artificial horizon, directional gyro, and an airspeed and altitude indicator. The real-time avionics display was rendered on a Freescale Media5200 reference platform and controlled remotely from a Windows XP system. The Media5200 target board ran Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS) with output to a dynamic avionics human-machine interface (HMI) created using DiSTI GL Studio and powered by ALT Software OpenGL graphics drivers. Remote-control and data access across the network leveraged RTI Data Distribution Service middleware.

ALT Software's embedded OpenGL drivers provide accurate, real-time rendering of content-rich 2D/3D graphics applications and user interfaces. The use of RTI Data Distribution Service provides a robust and data-driven network architecture that ensures the real-time availability of data anywhere on the network. RTI Data Distribution Service employs a discovery protocol that automatically detects network failure and reconnects without intervention when service is restored. Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY RTOS drives the PowerPC board running the HMI display and prohibits errant code from entering the kernel and disrupting the system.

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