The new line of high-frequency center probe test sockets from Aries Electronics (Frenchtown, NJ) can be used with devices requiring pitches as low as 0.40mm. The sockets are used in CSP, MicroBGA, DSP, LGA, SRAM, DRAM, and Flash devices with speeds from 1 GHz to over 10 GHz.

Because of their solderless, pressure-mount compression spring probes, the sockets can be easily mounted to and removed from the test board. The 4-point spring probe crown on the sockets ensures "scrub" on solder ball oxides for reliable contact mating, and the pointed probe works with LGAs, MLFs, and other socket types.

Four socket sizes are offered: for device packages up to 13mm2, from 14mm2 to 27mm2, from 28 mm2 to 40 mm2, and from 41mm2 to 55 mm2. The sockets provide minimal loss for higher bandwidth capability via a signal path of only .077". Contact forces of the sockets are 16 g per contact for 0.40 mm pitch and 25 g per contact for 0.50 mm pitches and above. The sockets have an operating temperature of -55°C to +150°C (-67°F to +302°F) and estimated contact life of over 500,000 cycles.

Embedded Technology Magazine

This article first appeared in the January, 2008 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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