Lantronix (Irvine, CA) has introduced the DeviceLinx™ XChip™ family of fully turnkey, networking coprocessor system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. The SoC family enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to embed serial-to-Ethernet connectivity and web services into a new class of high-volume, price-sensitive products that can be remotely managed over the Internet. The XChip is a highly-integrated, x86 class processor that includes a built-in Ethernet MAC and 10-100 PHY, 256 KB zero wait-state SRAM, up to 11 GPIOs, and a high-performance serial UART.

The XChip has a compact 12 mm × 12 mm 184 BGA RoHS-compliant design. The firmware and network protocol stack includes TCP/IP, UDP, BootP, DHCP, and AutoIP. Also featured, depending on the model, is a web server with support for three simultaneous web sessions, email triggering on in-band serial data patterns or configurable pins inputs, and a variety of configurable options for serial-to-Ethernet tunneling. Potential applications for the XChip include consumer electronics, building automation, energy/metering, home automation, point-of-sale, RFID readers, sensors and controllers, vending machines, and white/durable goods.

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