Pentek, Inc. (Upper Saddle River, NJ) has released its Model 4207 high-performance VME/VXS board for digital signal processing and data-acquisition systems. The new board employs Freescale's MPC8641D Dual Core PowerPC AltiVec™ Processor and a Xilinx Virtex-4 FX Series FPGA for custom programming and gigabit serial I/O. The PowerPC processors perform 128-bit parallel processing of multiple data elements and deliver DSP floating-point processing rates up to 12,000 GFLOPS.

Pentek's fabric-transparent crossbar switch bridges gigabit serial resources including the PowerPC and FPGA, two XMCs, dual VXS ports, dual Fibre Channel ports, and two optical serial transceivers. The Dual Optical Fibre Channel interface provides 800 MB/sec recording and playback. Native protocols support PCI Express, Serial Rapid I/O, Fibre Channel, and Aurora. Up to 4GB of fast DDR2 SDRAM simplifies data buffering and boosts real-time data processing.

The Model 4207 is well suited for wideband, data acquisitionand- recording, real-time digital signal-processing, and softwareradio applications. The VME/ VXS board combines many standard interfaces and protocols in one flexible, single-slot solution. By depopulating features, lowercost versions of the board can also handle relatively simple systems, such as a single-board computer with a PowerPC and single PMC module. The Model 4207 easily scales to a wide range of applications and ruggedized versions are available.

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