LynuxWorks (San Jose, CA) unveiled the LynxSecure 2.0, its next-generation separation kernel and embedded hypervisor. LynxSecure 2.0 virtualizes the underlying hardware to enable multiple different operating systems (OS) to co-exist on the same platform. Consolidating heterogeneous OS environments reduces hardware costs and allows for easier reuse of legacy software.

Embedded hypervisors allow for traditionally non-real-time operating systems (RTOS) such as Linux or Windows to co-exist on the same hardware as a more traditional RTOS, such as LynxOS. A separation kernel's primary function is to partition system resources among those "guest" operating systems, sequester data, and control the flow of information among partitions. LynxSecure's separation kernel and hypervisor maintain hard real-time characteristics and determinism for real-time applications, and give non-real-time applications their own time slice of the processor. Paired, the two technologies provide a robust foundation for the creation of multi-level, secure systems.

LynxSecure 2.0 will run on any 32-bit or 64-bit MMU processor, which enables developers to take advantage of the latest multicore processor designs. It has a lightweight application run-time environment for creating secure applications, and device assignment capabilities that allow for specific devices to be assigned to their own partitions and ensure system security. LynxSecure 2.0 conforms to the MILS standard and is certifiable to DO-178B Level A.

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