TenAsys Corp. (Beaverton, OR) has released the eVM™ virtual machine manager for real-time, missioncritical systems. The eVM platform simultaneously hosts embedded and real-time operating systems (RTOS) along with the Microsoft® Windows® general-purpose operating system (GPOS) on a single hardware platform using multi-core Intel® processors. eVM software partitions hardware resources and provides standard communications channels between the embedded RTOS guest and Windows, while isolating the two environments so that real-time de - terminism and the OS desktop experience are fully maintained.

The eVM virtualization system lets multiple operating systems share a single hardware platform without conflict, by partitioning hardware resources, such as CPU cores, I/O, RAM, and interrupts. By combining their existing embedded applications with Windows, on a single Intel processor-based computer, system OEMs can achieve significant manufacturing cost savings and redeploy existing real-time and embedded IA based applications without costly porting expense. eVM technology is based on TenAsys' real-time virtualization expertise, which enables Windows to run with 100% native performance.

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