Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. (Ottawa, Canada) offers their second-generation Le79114 Voice Control Pro - cessor (VCP II) for communications carriers. The Le79114 VCP II supports 64 simultaneous call control channels and all functionality of the first-generation Le79112 VCP. Linecare, Zarlink's carriergrade line diagnostic software, runs on the voice control processor and exceeds the GR844 standard.

The Le79114 VCP II with Linecare implements critical real-time call control with signaling and monitoring functions. As a standalone product, manufac - turers can divide and optimize low level call control and monitoring that have real-time re quire ments from DSP-intensive processing elsewhere in the system. The VCP II is a fully software-pro - grammable line interface sup porting multiple country applications as well as all AC, DC, signaling parameters, and data.

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