VIA Technologies (Taipei, Taiwan) has extended their embedded board portfolio to include COM Express™ modules. Measuring 95mm x 125mm, COM Express is an industry standard embedded form factor developed by the PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group). The COM Express specification integrates core CPU, chipset, and mem ory on the mod - ule, providing support for extensive con - nectivity options, in - cluding USB, audio, graphics, and Ether - net, through boardto- board connectors to an I/O baseboard.

The fanless VIA COM Express modules will be powered by VIA Eden™ or VIA C7® processors ranging from 500MHz up to 2GHz. Support for a comprehensive feature set of I/O implementations comes through VIA's versatile digital media IGP chipsets, while the option of on board mem ory provides vibration resistance for in-vehicle or heavy plant environments. VIA COM Express modules are targeted at industrial PC and large OEM users focused on dynamic application segments, including gaming, healthcare, and industrial auto mation.

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