Elma Electronics Inc. (Fremont, CA) has released the SerDes Test Modules for VPX systems. The modules are being offered in partnership with DFT Microsystems, a leader in high-density test solutions for highspeed semiconductor device interfaces. The SerDes modules are designed to plug into VPX backplanes and directly test the channel compliance. They can be used to test VPX switch and node cards and/or the backplane channels without requiring external equipment or special test fixtures.

Plugging directly into the backplane/chassis, the modules allow quick characterization of the signals and eliminate the need for SMA connectors, cables, and capital-intensive measurement hardware. With a USB connection to a laptop or desktop computer, the user can create Eye Diagrams, measure Bit Error Rates (BER), and jitter. The module kit includes software with a simple GUI interface. Within minutes, the user can plug the cards into the test chassis, connect the USB cable to a laptop, download the GUI software, and begin measurements.

With a scalable design, configurations in 4- channel, 8-channel, 12-channel, or 16-channel are available upon request. An E-frame VPX test chassis with dedicated cooling and power options for VPX is available. The SerDes test technology used in the VPX Test Modules is modular and can be affixed to various form factor carrier boards, so the modules can be designed for other architectures.

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