WinSystems (Arlington, TX) has released the ENC-EPXG- 1000 enclosure for EPIC (Embedded Platform for Industrial Computers) and the ENC-EBC-G-1000 enclosure for EBX single board computer (SBC) systems. They are designed for embedded applications requiring mounting inside NEMA boxes, OEM machinery, wiring closets, equipment rooms, and other areas where it is necessary to protect an EPIC or EBX Single Board Computer system with PC/104 expansion. The enclosures are made from rustproof, lightweight aluminum. Aluminum is non-combustible, non-magnetic, non-sparking, non-toxic, recyclable, and thermally conductive to dissipate component heat.

These enclosures are RoHS compliant and easy to mount, requiring only four screws. The ENC-EPX-G-1000 measures 9.0"W x 6.0"D × 3.0"H and the ENC-EBC-G-1000 measures 9.5"W × 9.0"D × 3.0"H and is formed from two half shells with end plates attached. Both enclosures provide a variety of factory standard or custom designed end plates for different system configurations. A base plate mounts inside the enclosure, which securely holds the SBC while offering room for cable runs inside the box. The interior is large enough to install any PC/104 module even with latching I/O connectors.

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