ACT/Technico (Warminster, PA) now offers the VME RAIDStor, a single-slot 6U network attached storage (NAS) blade that provides the same automatic, transparent data replication and re-sync of traditional box-level RAID storage modules in a more compact footprint. With network access for up to 18 slots (up to 1/2 terabyte per slot) in a 19" chassis, the SATA-based VME RAIDStor is suitable for use throughout many industries in a number of high availability, data intensive applications including message processing, network- centric military environments, redundant self-hosted Web servers or storage repositories, as well as transaction processing and logging.

The blade can be configured in a single-star topology where the VME RAIDStor is connected to one network, or in dual-star where two networks are present, providing completely redundant network paths as well as port failover services enabled or disabled with a single command for continuous system availability. The VME RAIDStor, which comes in either conduction- or convection- cooled versions, is configurable to RAID level 0 (data stripping) for in - creased capacity performance as well as RAID level 1 (data mirroring) for data redundancy and availability. Dual PMC-mounted solid state flash SATA drives and an extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C enables the VME RAIDStor to operate effectively in rugged environments.

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